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Soundscape Studio is a recording studio in South Manchester, England, focussing on mixing and mastering but also providing many other services to ensure your music comes to life. 

Once you have sent your multitracks to me, I will start by listening to your song(s) and discussing with you as to whether any editing or comping of takes is required prior to mixing. Once I know that and anything else that may be needed (quantising, vocal tuning, additional instrumentation etc), I will advise you on how much it will cost. I charge per project rather than per hour, so you know how much the final cost will be before commencing.

If you decide to go ahead, I will communicate with you throughout the process until the final master is done and you are 100% satisfied. I am happy to carry out any necessary revisions on the final product until you are happy with it. I will then send the song to you in whichever formats you prefer.

I am passionate about music and will work hard to make sure your music sounds the best it can. I look forward to working with you!

There are a few examples of recent work below.

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